How to Determine the Right Dosage of CBD For Your Pet?

How to Determine the Right Dosage of CBD For Your Pet?


Even though doctors are now allowed to suggest/prescribe CBD to you, veterinarians still aren’t legally allowed to do so for your pets.

Although, there is certain precedent under the law that does allow veterinarians to discuss CBD as a medicine/means for better health and wellness of one’s pet. However, veterinarians aren’t allowed to bring it up in conversation by themselves. They can only discuss and perhaps even relay anecdotal experiences of its use and effects from other patients and their pets.

The good news is that CBD does seem to work well with animals/pets too. And, why not? Most of the animals it has been experimented/used upon embody an ECS (endocannabinoid system) just as humans do.

CBD For Your Pet

Because of the pervasive nature of the ECS found within almost all life forms that we are aware of and know, cannabinoids do have enough precedent to work an effect within them too.

Thus, theoretically speaking, CBD – one of the most essential cannabinoids found in nature, may also provide its therapeutic benefits and effects in more than just humans.

Other than in humans, CBD is increasingly being used to also treat similar issues found in animals/pets.

And why not? Based on the rudimentary data, a few experiments/researches/studies, and anecdotal information provided by those who have used CBD as a medicine for their pets at home, it seems like we’ve not only found the right spot but also touching on it with ease.

How to Determine the Dosage of CBD for your Pet?

Determining the right dosage for your pet may double down as an issue for the people who don’t know much about CBD and how to administer or use it.

It is true, CBD and different levels of dosage works differently for different individuals. Therefore, more than anything, we need to learn better about the substance and at least the overall type of individual in question i.e., a human, cat, dog, horse, etc.

Then comes knowing the type of issues that needs to be treated – seizures, epilepsy, anxiety, inflammation, pain, sleep, or whatever else the problem may be.

Below is Ingeni’s CBD Dosage Chart created exclusively for pets -

To Conclude

When it comes to the healthcare of a pet, it is difficult to know what the exact type of remedies should be. Knowing what to use, how much to use, and how often to use it can be daunting and difficult to those who aren’t fully aware of the what the case may warrant.

It is absolutely essential to consult the right people who possess the right kind of knowledge so they can give you exactly what you looking for and need.