CBD and its positive effects on Glaucoma in pets 

CBD and its positive effects on Glaucoma in pets 

CBD and its positive effects on Glaucoma in pets 

Eyes act as the windows to the outer world. They help us see and enjoy the beauty of nature and the things around us. Just like humans, animals are also gifted with eyesight so that they can also see and enjoy the surroundings. Therefore, as humans face issues with their eyesight, animals can also develop glaucoma. In today’s blog, we are going to delve deeper into understanding glaucoma in dogs/pets and its treatment with CBD. 

What is glaucoma? 

Glaucoma is a condition that arises due to the built-up pressure inside the eye. With the passing time, this pressure on the eyes may lead to vision loss. Understanding the functioning of the eye, when the light rays pass onto the retina, we are able to see.  

In animals, nearly 40% of dogs lose their vision due to glaucoma. One of the main reasons behind the emergence of glaucoma in animals is the drainage of the natural fluid from the eye. This fluid is called aqueous humor. It contains essential nutrients and oxygen that nourishes the tissues in the eyes and protects them from dust, allergies, and weakening eyesight. If this fluid is drained, eyes feel pressure and a lot of pain. Consequently, there can be a loss of vision.  

What are the types of Glaucoma? 

Glaucoma is of two types –

1. Open Angle Glaucoma – This type of glaucoma is painless and is mostly inherited. The animal may suffer blind spots or vision loss over a period of time.

2. Close Angle Glaucoma –This type of glaucoma occurs due to a sudden pressure on the eyes because of some disease or injury. It causes severe pain and redness in the eyes.

What are the causes of glaucoma in animals like dogs?

The most common causes behind the appearance of glaucoma are:

Uveitis – It is a type of inflammation inside the eyes, resulting in a scar or debris that could block the vision.

Dislocation of the eye lens – The eye lens may fall forward blocking the drainage angle and trapping the fluid behind the eye.

Tumors- It may happen due to iridocorneal angle blockage.

Blood Clotting – Any injury in the eye may lead to a blood clot causing blocking in the drainage of the fluid.

What are the signs of glaucoma and how is it diagnosed?

The most common signs of glaucoma are:

Eye Pain – You may notice your pet partially closing and rubbing the eye and avoiding you from touching it when trying to check.

Watery Eyes – You may notice a watery discharge from the eyes of your pet.

Lethargy and loss of appetite – You may find your dog/pet getting lazy and not eating food properly.

Bulging of the eyeball – The white area of the eye may look swollen and bulging out.

Bluish Cornea – If the eye is infected with glaucoma, your pet’s eye cornea may look bluish.

These are the symptoms of acute glaucoma whereas, in chronic glaucoma, the symptoms appear more slowly.

How is glaucoma treated?

If your pet is suffering from acute glaucoma, it needs emergency management. It can be controlled by reducing IOP as early as possible to prevent the permanent damaging of the optic nerves. The most common clinically used methods to control acute glaucoma include hyperosmotic agents, prostaglandin analogues.

For treating chronic glaucoma, both medical and surgical therapies may work. Studies have suggested that the target IOP should be <15 mm Hg as high IOP may cause damage to the eyes.

CBD may help in treating glaucoma

CBD has a lot of benefits in helping your pet in fighting back glaucoma. Below are the listed benefits:

Pain Management - Studies have shown that the first and foremost benefit of giving CBD to your pet is helping with pain management.

Prevents Inflammation - CBD holds anti-inflammatory properties that help in controlling inflammation in the eyes.

Therapeutic Neuroprotective Antioxidant – CBD is a therapeutic neuroprotective antioxidant that protects your dog/pet’s eyes every day by attacking oxidative stress that could otherwise produce free radicals in its body and cause irritation and pain to it. It prevents the formation of peroxynitrite inside the cell and protects the eyesight and vision.

In what ways can you give CBD to your pet for glaucoma?

CBD Oil - You can calm your pet by giving CBD as a tincture. Just try to place a drop of CBD oil underneath the tongue of your pet or add the recommended oil dosage to the food of your pet and make sure it finishes the entire food.

CBD Treats – Pets love yummy treats. You can give your pet some CBD treats to provide them with the portion of CBD that is required for its body.

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Tips for all pet owners

If you find your pets’ eyes misty, itchy, red or extremely weepy, or watery, you should take them to a veterinarian and get the first aid done. Based on the recommendation of the vet, give prescribed CBD dosage to your pet.

The Bottom Line

CBD is known for maintaining the overall wellbeing of animals. It is always a good idea to consult the vet before deciding on giving it to your pet.